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The Right Way To Spell Elliott.

Francis Butler Simkins. My namesake is my maternal grandmother's brother, Elliott Simkins (died in about 1965--I'll look it up). One of my most famous ancestors is Uncle Elliott and Granny's brother, Francis Butler Simkins. Find out more about my famous ancestor at this web site.

Photography: I have several photography pages for your enjoyment

Blog: Elliott's Personal Observations on Life, the Universe and Everything

Social Media: I have accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Contact me for details (I am not going to publish that information here!).

Biodiesel. The policies of the US government should be changed to encourage the use of alternate fuels in our automobiles. The most promising of these is Biodiesel. I own a Volkswagen Jetta TDI model, which (of course) runs on diesel fuel. An excellent presentation of the nature and benefits of Biodiesel can be cound at this Department of Energy web site. Many of my local diesel pumps now (July 2010) say that they contain between 5% and 11% biodiesel--cool!

Golf. I was the President of the Fermilab Golf League from 2000 to 2004. See this web site for info and links on the Fermilab Golf Leagues. (Note that I was denied the alias, which would have been, IMHO, a lot nicer!)

Family, at least the ones that have web pages.

Videos I have collected some personal videos here on my video page, for your pleasure. Have a look!

Visit my professional home page at Fermilab.