Details on the Correct Spelling of Elliott/Eliot/Elliot/Eliott

How is this name properly spelled? It seems to me, an "Elliott" for well over five decades, that the majority of us spell our name with all seven letters, no matter how redundant that may seem.

A correspondent from Middlebury University writes:

Dear Mr. McCrory:

I recently came upon the section of your website devoted to the proper spelling of your name, Elliott, and felt the need to contribute my two-cents on the matter.

You are correct in noting that the vast majority of individuals today spell the name with the full seven letters. You also correctly note that in modern English the double-t spelling makes sense for pronunciation purposes, as the name looks French with a single t.

In fact, the name came to English from French and first appears after the Norman Conquest! The name is formed from the Old French diminutive form of the name Elie, the Old French version of Elias, the Greek form, i.e. the New Testament version, of Elijah. As such, the historical spelling of this name is Elliot. I found most of this information in the Oxford Dictionary of Names. My best guess as to the prevalence of the double-t spelling of Elliott would be similar to your original supposition: in English it makes more sense to have two t's because of the pronunciation.

As to which spelling is "correct" per-se, wouldn't the spelling chosen by the individual be correct, regardless of the origin of the name or which spelling a majority of individuals uses?

Best, name withheld

In recent years, the six-letter, one-T spelling has crept into respectability. For example:

I searched Google for "elliott mccrory -elliot" and "elliot mccrory -elliott" and found that my name is spelled right about 351,000 times, and spelled wrong 1.36 million times. So I will gladly jump to the conclusion that 80% of the entries that match "elliot" are SPELLED WRONG!

In the summer of 2012, I discovered that a book I edited in 1988, which has my name spelled properly on the book, has found its way into the "rare books" world with my name misspelled! I sent them an email asking them to change it, and they did! See this web site.

Here is an interesting link into the Wikipedia. Does anyone know how to change a redirection in Wikipedia? When I first cataloged this page, it was spelled correctly, but someone changed it to the stupid and inaccurate six-letter spelling.

Instances of Each of the Spellings of This Proper Noun

Wikipedia Elliott,
Elliott McCrory, That's Me!
Bill Elliott, Race car driver, NASCAR
Sean Elliott, of the San Antonio Spurs
Elliott Sharp, rock musician
Elliott Gould, veteran actor.
Elliott Smith, Rock musician
David James Elliott, Actor
Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington Univeresity
Elliott Cresson Medal, This is a particularly interesting study in the spelling. Many web sites use the 6-letter vairant, but in fact the seven-letter version is correct, as can be seen from the scan of one of the instances of this medal, at this URL:
Elliott Valve, Ltd.,
Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Former Prime Minitser of Canada. As with E. Gould, there is some controversy on how to spell his name. The Wikipedia wins, in my book.
Elliott Realty, SC,
Elliott Lerman, one-time President of the Tufts Univeresity (MA) Alumni Association.
Chris Elliott, Comedian
Chris Elliott, London composer. Aggrees that the 7-letter version is correct.
Elliott Bay Book Store, in Seattle
Elliott Bay Marina, also in Seattle. I guess there must be an Elliott Bay in Seattle.
A chain of Delis, in Illinois and Wisconsin called 'Elliott Off Broadway'
Jesse Elliott, 17821845, American naval officer
Charles Elliott, 181268, American painter
Justin Elliott, A reporter for
Abby Elliott, Performer on Saturday Night Live, 2008 to present
Wikipedia Elliot,
'Mama' Cass Elliot, of the Mamas and the Papa
Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
The Movie Billy Elliot, but see my tirade on this, above.
Elliot Goldenthan, composer
Trace Elliot, industrial amplifier manufacturer
Elliot S Maggin, Superman writer
USS Elliot, Spruance and Kidd Class Destroyer (US Navy)
Elliot Lipeles, UCSD Physics Professor
Elliot Abrams, Chicago radio station weatherman.
Wikipedia Eliott,
Eliott Hotel, in the UK
House of Eliott, A BBC Television Production
Wikipedia Eliot,
T. S. Eliot, famous poet (1819-1880)
Eliot, Maine,
George Eliot, Author (1819-1880)
Eliot Hotel, Boston, MA (USA)
Eliot House, at Harvard University
Eliot Ness, Famous police man during the 20's
Eliot-Pearson, Department of Child Development at Tufts University.
Eliot Spitzer, Governor of New York,
John Eliot, 160490, English missionary in colonial Massachusetts
George Eliot, Pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans, 1819 (Warwickshire, England) to 1880. Novelist
Jared Eliot, (1685-1763) Wrote seminal essays on the value of research in agriculture in the US
Andrew Eliot, (1718-1778) Minister of Boston's New North Church
Charles William Eliot, 18341926, American educator and president of Harvard

There is also a rare spelling, Elyot, according to the Wikipedia.

Coming; Towns in the world with this name. The Wikipedia does some of this already.

Feel free to contact me with your own instances of the spelling of my name. URL's are useful.